Akasha Art Project Inc is the best of the best. This local Cabbagetown business is named after the “Sanskrit root meaning to radiate, to shine; relates to the three dimensional space of our sense perception and the manifestation of that as it comes to fruition.” This beautiful meaning makes this place all the more wonderful. 🖼

This unique company specializes in interior design and art framing. This means that they can frame one piece of artwork for an individual or hundreds of art for a hotel. Which is very inspiring. 🎨

They help clients who are residential corporate entities or upcoming artists. They also have finished products in 5 star hotels across the world. They have a fantastic team of experts who can help you reach all your wants and needs.

✨They have one common goal which is to help anyone in need reach their dreams through artwork. For more information you can check out their website and follow their Instagram page to see some of their work. ✨

Address : 204D Carlton St

Website : https://akashaart.com/