A long-standing tradition, the Cabbagetown Pumpkin Walk provides a magical evening of twinkling orange lights for all the family.

The Pumpkin walk occurs every November 1, from 5-9pm in Riverdale Park West. Cabbagetown residents are invited to bring their decorated Hallowe’en pumpkins, to be lined up along the main walkways. Each pumpkin is furnished with a tealight and, as the sun goes down the fun begins. Residents are encouraged to re-don their finest Hallowe’en costumes to make this evening even more fun for everyone.

Each year the CRA also hosts a food drive and visitors are encouraged to bring along non-perishable foods to address food insecurity in the greater Cabbagetown community.

The City also plays its part by providing us with a bin so that all the Pumpkins can be properly recycled by the City of Toronto!