We don’t know what we love more, the pizza or the branding. Blondies Pizza is one of the “must-visits” Cabbagetown Restaurants. Part of the Food Dudes empire, chef Matt Blondin creates pies with a lot of personality. Pizzas here fall into two categories, red (tomato-based) and blonde, a ricotta and alfredo-based pizza that would otherwise be called a “white” pizza. The list of toppings can only be classified as “chef”-ified if there ever were a thing; Ezzo pepperoni, ‘nduja, and red drop chilies just to name a few. There isn’t much for seating save for a picnic table outside, so best to call ahead and enjoy at home – if you can resist the temptation.

Website: https://www.blondiespizza.ca/

Location: 419 Parliament Street

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