The Cabbagetown Tour of Homes started in the late 1970s as an event organized by realtors to showcase Cabbagetown’s stock of beautiful but untouched Victorian homes. They wanted to show the potential of this neighbourhood, which at the time was a poor and neglected area of Toronto. Investors started buying Cabbagetown homes, restoring or renovating them and selling or flipping them. In these days the Tour contributed to Cabbagetown’s rejuvenation from rags to riches.

There are 7 to 9 homes on this self-guided tour. A map is included in the ticket brochure helps visitors find their way around our beautiful neighbourhood, and provides details on each each of the homes as well as information and special discounts at local shops and eateries.

Tickets will be available sometime in early August, online or in person in some local stores along Parliament Street in Cabbagetown (the list of outlets will appear here). You will also be able to purchase them online from the current webpage.

Please check back here from time to time as we’ll be updating it as soon as we are ready.

We look forward seeing you on the tour.

Sunday, September 17