Salt & Tobacco is cool, literally and figuratively. Figuratively you cannot knock a space that has glossy white subway tiles, robin’s egg blue chairs and wall accents alongside portraits of the WU TANG clan members. Literally the space is cool and cozy no matter how hot it is outside.
But what makes this spot even cooler than the above is its eclectic mix of traditional pizza and original twists on the original fare. Our favourite: The LIL’CABBAGETOWN! A savoury mix of brussels sprouts, blue cheese, fior di latte, caramelized onions, bacon and maple syrup that we can’t get enough of every time we visit.YUM!!!

Once you visit @salttobacco you will definitely not view pizza in the same way again. Oh yes, why the name; well you see, the Italian Emblem at the front was used to indicate which stores sold government controlled commodities, such as salt (up to 1976) and tobacco. Cool, right?

Adress : 521 Parliament Street

Website :